How to Properly Wash a Sports Jersey


Sports Jerseys can have high value, especially if they are rare and hard to find. Proper care will help them last a long time and allow you to re-sell.

Tip 1: Don’t wash your jerseys with other clothes like jeans or t-shirts. Wash your jerseys with other jerseys only. Wash colored jerseys with colored jerseys. Wash white jerseys with white jerseys.

Tip 2: Turn your jersey inside out when washing. This will help preserve the stitch sewn letters and logos. Wash in cold water only.

Tip 3: Baseball jerseys should be un-buttoned to prevent the buttons from breaking during the wash. We also remove the laces from Hockey Jerseys that have them.

Tip 4: Wash on gentle cycle. If the jersey has got some extra dirt, then regular cycle is ok. Hand washing is fine too.

Tip 5: Always hang dry your jerseys. Polyester dries very quickly, so no need to use a dryer. The fabric is designed that way to let sweat from athletes evaporate quickly. High heat in the dryer will wreck your jersey, causing it to shrink and make wrinkles around the stitch sewn areas. Low heat will work, but we recommend always hang drying. Use a smooth plastic hanger or thick wooden hanger, so you don’t get bumps around the shoulders.

Tip 6: Do Not Use Bleach and Do Not Iron

Tip 7: If you do get a stain, be sure to pre-treat it ASAP. You can try the salt and club soda method to remove the stain.

1. Blot fresh stain to soak up excess liquid.
2. Sprinkle stained area liberally with saltÂ
3. Pour club soda or seltzer water over stained area.
4. Leave soda and salt on the stained area for a few hours or overnight.
5. Re-blot area to soak up excess water.
6. Sweep area to remove salt.
7. Wash with the information above

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