Printed Jerseys Vs. Embroidery - Which is Better?

Embroidery refers to the customisation of fabric by applying decorative designs using a needle. These motifs are typically made in thread and include a variety of stitches.

Screen printed T-shirts vs. embroidery – Which is better?

There are many choices when it comes down to the printing method for your t-shirts. Some of the most popular options include embroidery, and screen printing.

The embroidery technique involves stitching thread to your custom-made product. It is most often used for corporate wear, jackets and hats as well as golf shirts.

Screen printing uses inks that have been applied to a substrate. This process is called screen printing because it creates a mesh stencil for each color in your design. Then, the ink is applied to the substrate and pushed through this screen stencil to achieve the desired effect.



  • The best way to personalize polo shirts, corporate clothing and other apparel is through embroidery. It offers a professional finish and is high quality.
  • Embroidered tees last longer than screen-printed ones.
  • Machines can embroider up to 10 pieces at once, which is a huge cost-saving opportunity in the tee-shirt printing sector.


  • Embroidery tends be more costly than other methods.
  • Complex imagery and smaller text might not look as well in embroidered thread than they would with ink through screen print.

Screen Printing


  • You can print large quantities very quickly. This makes printing a great option for wholesale customisation.
  • Printing can produce high-end products such as photos and intricate designs with shading and gradients.
  • Printing can be affordable if you order in bulk.


  • The printing process is not as professional as embroidery and it’s therefore unsuitable for high-end events.
  • It can be costly if your design has a lot many colours.

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