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We have been working tirelessly to perfect our screen printing process since 2018. We take great pride and joy in our operation’s simplicity and efficiency. We are a market leader in the industry due to our high-quality work, lightning-fast turnarounds, and safe and secure shipping… but it all boils down to reliability.

direct to jersey printing what is digital dtg printing
direct to jersey printing what is digital dtg printing 1

We can make it happen if you have a vision.

To create beautiful screen printed T-shirts, it takes team effort. You need to combine hard work, artful eyes, and crafty hands. It all begins with your design. Our design studio has the best tools, but it is your ideas that will ignite our passion. This drive begins in the art department.

Our art specialists are your second pair. Not only are our designers skilled at making amazing shirts but they are also artists. They know how to preserve your most important design elements in a way that suits your budget.

If they feel that there are any modifications they need to make, they will consult with you before your design goes into production. This is done by sending you an electronic proof which you will approve before we start printing.

Unmatched shirt printing technology, unrivaled expertise

Our screen printing process has been rated the best in the industry.

No matter whether you’re screen printing shirts, sweatshirts or custom aprons we only use top-of the-line materials. We use everything from apparel to machines and ink. Professionals are experts in their field. They will work tirelessly to ensure your design comes out as vividly and accurately as you imagined.

Dry them at a warm 380 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that your shirt is durable over time.

Our Quality Guarantee to You

We do more than just send it out to the media. The quality assurance team inspects it carefully for imperfections. If the product doesn’t meet our high standards, we will make another attempt until it does. After it passes all these tests, we ship it off and provide you with tracking information so you can follow the journey to your home.

We want your order to be exactly as you have envisioned. We are confident that your order will arrive on time. We’ll do our best to make sure that your order arrives in time. Our customer service agents are knowledgeable and will work hard for you to make sure you get the attention you deserve.

Once your order arrives, you can wear it again and again until it’s worn out. You can share your amazing experience with us with your friends and family if you’d like. Share your thoughts with us via Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

Screen Printed Design Examples

Our customer-focused service was created from the start. This ensures that you have an easy ordering process. The online design studio allows you to create custom apparel for your business, school or nonprofit organization.

Screen Printing FAQs

What type of screen printing ink are you using?

Plastisol is the type of ink that we use. For a few reasons, plastisol is the best ink for screen printing. It is extremely versatile and doesn’t require any adjustments. It is a shirt that will last a lifetime.

Are you able to offer water-based inks

Yes! will meet all your requirements at every level. We offer a variety of water-based ink printing options. Get in touch with our team.

All screen printing is eventually washed away.

It’s wrong. Because the most reliable inks are an integral part of our screen printing and drying process. This combination results in a shirt that is durable.

Is it possible to only print on T-shirts

Although shirts are our most popular item, they are not the only thing that we print on. We work with a variety of items, including hoodies, sweatshirts and caps as well as hats and caps for children, men, and women.

How can you ensure that designs print correctly on dark clothing?

We are proud of our high standards and attention to detail. Flash curing is our printing process to produce more vivid and accurate prints.

It’s enough to make us stand out from our competitors. But, we don’t stop there. Our production team is made up of some of the most talented screen printers in the country, and it helps us set the industry standard.

direct to jersey printing what is digital dtg printing 2

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