How to Rock The Jordan Space Jam Jersey

Guide On How to Rock The Jordan Space Jam Jersey

Michael Jordan’s fictional version of himself in the movie Space Jam was such a major hit and one that went well with his fans across the world. 

As Jordan entertained us in more ways than we could have imagined, there is no better way to say thank you than to wear his jersey. Getting your JORDAN Space Jam jersey is a logical thing to do for any fan of the movie or basketball legend. 

But as you order the jersey, you may be wondering how to go about putting it on. Well, dressing the jersey does not need any rocket science. However, some salient rules can make you feel like a pro in doing this. 

1. Do not tuck your jersey 

Imagine meeting someone who has tucked their jersey. The sight is just outrageous! 

The Jordan Space Jam jersey is casual attire, and you should not tuck it in. 

Whereas your regular athletes may do so in the field, you should not. They are simply following the rules of the game and nothing more. The field is more like their office. 

2. Consider the jersey’s sizing 

Never rush into buying the jersey for the sake of it. You need to carefully consider the available color options and go with one that works for your body.

The general rule thumb for those buying basketball jerseys is to always choose one size bigger. That ensures it does not look overly bulk while at the same time you feel it gives you more breathing room.

The various size options for this Jordan jersey are XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 2XL. 

3. The color does matter

This Jordan jersey comes in various color options (Black, grey, azure, white, green, pink-rose, and yellow). However, these colors can be split into two broad categories – bright and dull. 

As you wear the jersey, your goal is to determine the occasion and whether the chosen color does fit it. Sometimes you may need a bright color to stand out. In other cases, you may want to maintain some level of anonymity by downing a dull color.

4. Do not forget the shoes 

When you wear your Jordan Space Jam Jersey, make sure you do it justice by accompanying it with matching shoes. For instance, some fresh sneakers would look great with this attire. 

The general rule is that you should put on casual shoes with this jersey, or else you cause a 

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