How to Wear TAZ Jersey


Are you a fan of the Tasmanian Devil, famously known as TAZ? What better way to prove this than through a well-designed Space Jam Jersey? You can wear the jersey to spice up your style as you express your love for Space Jam and TAZ specifically.

Once you access the TAZ costume, you better put it on the right way for accurate representation. Do so by keeping in mind the following tips:

  1. Avoid being too revealing by adding a shirt beneath the jersey.

Our TAZ costume is sleeveless. Whereas some people may comfortably wear the jersey, others may find it quite revealing. If you feel so, you may consider wearing it on top of a t-shirt. One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is the color match.

If you want to make your outfit more colorful and playful, feel free to experiment with the various colors we have on our website. For instance, if you go with a red jersey, you can add underneath a darker shade of red turtle neck.

  1. An athletic bottom serves as a good complement.

Putting on the TAZ jersey gives you a sporty look that deserves an athletic bottom. You can complement it with track pants for a consistent head to toe appearance.

Maintain color consistency between the bottoms and the jersey. For instance, if you have an orange TAZ jersey, keep the shorts blue because the two colors match.

  1. Understand the occasion

Just like any other clothing, your jersey may not fit every occasion. We know you love TAZ and want to wear him everywhere, but that does not mean you can use the costume in all events. Feel free to wear the jersey in casual settings such as your home while avoiding polite or formal environments.

Some jersey suits include suit events like costume parties, sporting events, beaches, and sports bars. In case you doubt the suitability of the outfit for an event, put a shirt underneath it to add a slightly formal feel.

  1. Add matching casual shoes.

Since our TAZ jersey falls within the casual category, you need to pair it with casual shoes to avoid clashing the style. Sneakers are a great match here. When faced with warm weather, consider boat shoes or sandals.

When doing sneakers, try and keep scuff marks at bay. The sneakers will match best when brand new. Rock in your TAZ jersey and have fun!

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