4 Rules to Correctly Wearing a BUGS Jersey


4 Rules to Correctly Wearing a BUGS Jersey

Are you a fan of Bugs Bunny and would love to showcase this through a cool jersey from Space Jam Jersey? Well, worry no more because we have a wide range of collection for your favorite character from the movie Space Jam.

When you first lay your hands on the cool Bugs Bunny costume, you will be eager to wear it around for everybody to see. However, do not be like most people who assume that they are good to go as long as they have a jersey.

Follow these four basic rules to put on the BUGS jersey correctly.

Rule 1: Do not tuck in the jersey

A few people never get this right. It can be quite a painful sight to watch someone tucking in their jersey. Just the same way you never do so for your polo, you should not do so for the BUGS jersey. Also, keep in mind that this costume is casual attire.

You may have seen Bugs Bunny tuck it in at the pitch. That’s because he has to adhere to the professional requirements of the game. However, when on an outing in a jersey, let it hang out.

Rule 2: Can wear a t-shirt under the jersey

Each person has their sense of style. Some prefer short-sleeved or long-sleeved jerseys, while some naturally go for sleeveless jerseys. If you love a BUGS jersey, you will get a sleeveless one.

What if you are concerned about being too revealing? You can remain stylish if you put on the jersey on top of a t-shirt. Just ensure the colors chosen for both matches to avoid color-clashing. Most sleeve t-shirts look great with a basketball jersey on top.

Rule 3: Get a fitting BUGS jersey

Bugs Bunny jersey would look great on you if it fits. If you are meant for medium size clothing, it would be absurd to put on size XXL. As you visit our website, correctly choose your size based on the various options provided.

Apart from showcasing your love, jerseys are meant to make you look cool. Keeping them fitting brings out the flatting nature of your body.

Rule 4: Wear for the right occasion

We know you love your BUGS jersey, but that does not mean they fit every occasion. You need to know where and the time to put them on to avoid awkward stares. For instance, your boss may not take it kindly when you report to work in it when others are in suits. Consequently, you have an obligation to perform a prior dress code research before going to the event in your BUGS jersey.

Luckily, you have unlimited places to go with the BUGS jersey, including Halloween, game, sports bar, in your home, outdoor events, movie night, and much more!

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